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Pikachu vs Mimikyu :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 43 7 Night Grycott. :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 12 5 I tried doing something realistic (but cartoony). :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 19 6 What I imagine when Mimikyu's ability is activated :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 28 9 Fantasia Pikachu :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 26 9 Azelf,Mesprit and Uxie :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 30 3 Puddle Toy the poodle :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 17 9 Pikachu and Jigglypuff Ballerine. :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 27 7 At that moment Pikachu knew she was fucked up. :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 73 16 Ribombee reminds me of Tweety. :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 24 10 GIFT: For very special friends ! :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 33 11 Mimikyu the ME HOY MINOY doodles+headcanons. :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 47 15 Pika n Jiggly: Pac-Man :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 20 11 Princess Pikachu Doodles :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 16 6 Princess Pikachu :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 33 14 Pac-Man Pikachu and Jigglypuff doodles :iconalessia-nin10doh:Alessia-Nin10doh 10 3
My garlz: Mud stamp by salanchu Pokemon: Jigglypuff stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo

Stamp/Icons/gifs I made: Eeveelution Rainbow+2 Fakeon Stamp by Alessia-Nin10doh Puddle Toy icon (50x50) by Alessia-Nin10doh Pikachu gets hit in the vajajaja (I had to do it) by Alessia-Nin10doh Grycott Animation by Alessia-Nin10doh


I'll leave these PWNIES here K ? MLP icon - Twilight Sparkle by Umberoff MLP icon - Rainbow Dash by Umberoff MLP icon - Derpy Hooves by Umberoff MLP icon - Pinkie Pie by Umberoff MLP icon - Fluttershy by Umberoff MLP icon - Princess Celestia by Umberoff Free Trixie and Dr. Hooves icons by TaviTurnip Free Cutie Mark Crusaders Icons by TaviTurnip Vinyl and Octavia Icons by TaviTurnip


Brandon+Sam_Meow+Pika :iconrazaancient:RazaAncient 14 5 Pikachu and Meowth :iconshinygirafarig:ShinyGirafarig 8 8 Let's Make Cookies :iconakikoookami:akikoookami 11 4 Team Rivals :iconchannini:Channini 82 8 Slate + Benni :icongonintendo3:gonintendo3 1 0 Peer Pressure :icongonintendo3:gonintendo3 5 2 Whoa :icongonintendo3:gonintendo3 6 1 So... What We Gonna Do? :iconshakshakalut:ShakShakalut 148 22 Gijinka Krazyshipping :iconfluffycrow:Fluffycrow 4 3 Pika-girl and Meowth-Guy :iconsakura02:sakura02 47 12 Cat 'n' Mouse :icongonintendo3:gonintendo3 2 1 The Cat and the Mouse :iconphyscodancer:PhyscoDancer 35 40 Pokemon 20th Anniversary Tribute :iconlightningcard18:lightningcard18 14 0 Meowth Doodles :iconipun:Ipun 2,851 289 PRE-ORDER | Pokemon Fruit Boxes | Acrylic Charms :iconappeltjesgroen:Appeltjesgroen 12 3 Pika Meowth :iconmileniakitsuvee:MileniaKitsuvee 8 2
Stuff I like/love: Youtube Poop.. by NateFox Mama Luigi Stamp by TurkeyChicken Stamp - I support DINNER by kuchinawa :.STAMP::Weegee.: by LordOfPastries Mario's Answer by Mariofan9 Pingas Stamp by Darkeiya Request: Spongebob waiter2 by SailorSolar I love Spaghetti - Stamp by Paolachief117 :thumb100475181: Neon-Hearted ViolePurple by gnu32 Neon-Hearted by gnu32 :thumb156538354: Music by renatalmar I Love The 80s by SpyHunterStamps I Love The 90s by SpyHunterStamps Born in the 00's Stamp by SBsStampAttack

Alphabet M by daniya-ARTAlphabet Y by daniya-ART Alphabet F by daniya-ARTAlphabet A by daniya-ARTAlphabet V by daniya-ARTAlphabet O by daniya-ARTAlphabet U by daniya-ARTAlphabet R by daniya-ARTAlphabet I by daniya-ARTAlphabet T by daniya-ARTAlphabet E by daniya-ART
Alphabet P by daniya-ARTAlphabet O by daniya-ARTAlphabet K by daniya-ARTAlphabet E by daniya-ARTAlphabet M by daniya-ARTAlphabet O by daniya-ARTAlphabet N by daniya-ART
025 - Pikachu by PokeStampsDex039 - Jigglypuff by PokeStampsDex035 - Clefairy by PokeStampsDex481 - Mesprit by PokeStampsDex482 - Azelf by PokeStampsDex480 - Uxie by PokeStampsDex311 - Plusle by PokeStampsDex312 - Minun by PokeStampsDex052 - Meowth by PokeStampsDex001 - Bulbasaur by PokeStampsDex007 - Squirtle by PokeStampsDex004 - Charmander by PokeStampsDex587 - Emolga by PokeStampsDex644 - Zekrom by PokeStampsDex643 - Reshiram by PokeStampsDexSylveon by Marlenesstamps471 - Glaceon by Marlenesstamps136 - Flareon by Marlenesstamps133 - Eevee by MarlenesstampsThe Eeveelutions by Marlenesstamps 573 - Cinccino by PokeStampsDex 281 - Kirlia by PokeStampsDex 351 - Castform by PokeStampsDex 338 - Solrock by PokeStampsDex 292 - Shedinja by PokeStampsDex 170 - Chuncou by PokeStampsDex 421 - Cherrim by PokeStampsDex 478 - Froslass by PokeStampsDex 487 - Giratina by PokeStampsDex 489 - Phione by PokeStampsDex 516 - Simipour by PokeStampsDex 620 - Mienshao by PokeStampsDex 002 - Ivysaur by PokeStampsDex 427 - Buneary by PokeStampsDex Mimikyuu stamp by phantombl00d 1232 by phantombl00d 1230 by phantombl00d Drampa stamp by phantombl00d magearna stamp by tsunderre



Alessia-Nin10doh's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation

Welcome Pastel Banner by RoyalBlackheart

Real name: Alessia
Favourite character: Ash's pikachu
Favourite video game: Super Smash Bros
Favourite youtuber: yotobi

-My only rule is don't be rude, if you don't like my drawing or other just leave my profile...I WANT YOU TO BE MY FRIEND NOT MY ENEMY ! ^u<
-Ash's pikachu is female here (by an headcanon)
-Don't panic if I'm not online, because that means I'm working on a project,I'm busy or I'm in holidays.

friends STAMP by peterdzign

My best friend: Eleonora(she's not on deviantart unfortunately)

Awesome Friends: :icontopaz-the-crosscat73: :iconskulls887: :iconcheezn64x: :iconmysterynobodie: :iconblaze-5: :iconredjiggs: :iconraichu2600: :iconmeasffymon-sarah: :iconpokegirlrules: :iconsuperdarksidex5: :iconashumbesher: :icondrewtheredpoochyena: :iconriuauraeon: :iconaura-pandora: :iconpikachutrainer100: :iconbeekermaroo777: :iconfloresfire: :icondunethezangoose: :iconnewk00pausa: :iconchristitan16: :icontwilight3456: :iconsomethingawesome9001: :iconshadinex: :iconmartythegamer04: :iconroro102900: :iconpinvvheel: :iconkatie-egg: :iconpikachuandpichu106: :iconyveltalthedragon: :icondemonrhys: :iconviperpitsfilly: :icongenny03: :iconmitor00: :iconcoconutstevio92: :iconbeekbeek85: :iconkitcatkombo: :iconoobrony: :iconangythecutemeloetta7:

My favourite artists: :iconriuauraeon: :iconbeekermaroo777: :icondrewtheredpoochyena: :iconpokegirlrules: :iconaura-pandora: :iconmartythegamer04: :iconraichu2600: :iconcoconutstevio92: :icongonintendo3:

Real Life Friends(Actually on Deviantart): :iconaleilvandrea: :iconwalterrevak: :iconalex2497: :iconmitor00:

That's all folks by AdrianaFilip That's All Folks ! That's all folks by AdrianaFilip

When he destroyed that cartriges I was sitting here with my mouth open saying in my head: WHY ? WHY ? WHY IN THE HOLY SPAGHETTI OF HOTEL MARIO DID YOU DO THIS TO 2 OF THE RAREST NES CARTRIGES EVER ??? DID HE SERIOUSLY DESTROYED THEM ?!?? HOLY MACARONI IN A BUCKET ! Angry Video Game Nerd is pissed 
I stayed shocked at my phone until I saw him at the end holding the 2 cartriges never destroyed, then I laughed I laughed so hard I almost fell off my couch ! Laugh LOL 

  • Watching: Angry Videogame Nerd
  • Eating: Wurstel
  • Drinking: Water


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